Oh my god guys, we got a letter! Hi! I’m a poly cis-dude dating two lovely women at the moment. One of them, who for the sake of clarity, I’ll call my secondary, is HSV-1 positive. Of course, she disclosed to me right away before anything ever happened between us. My problem/question is this: My primary partner (who we also […]


by Lady Perv on July 14, 2011

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The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Dan Savage Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive Yeah, you GO, Dan. And for reference, here’s the article that’s getting Dan so much post It Gets Better attention.


Wow, really pissed me off today! It’s totally not on the roster of sites I regularly check, so it was fun to check it out and get all angry. Rage is always good blog fodder. I’ve been having an ongoing debate with a friend of mine about whether friends-with-benefits situations (henceforth referred to as […]


There’s this phenomenon on OK Cupid where dudes will have two separate profiles: one for dating and one for casual sex. This totally boggles my mind! Why on earth would anyone think it’s a good idea to separate his dating self from his sexual self? It seems like dating and sex are two things that really […]


Marriage Machine

by Lady Perv on November 30, 2010

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I was riding the subway home from the grocery store today, when I saw this weird ad. It was a couple in bed, the woman looking annoyed, and the man asleep with his mouth agape. The text said, “He may not always be charming, but he’s always your prince.” I was like, “Wha?” So I […]


by today’s Guest Perv, Honkey, who is currently obsessed with economists There are, it seems to me, three extremes in the configuration of sexual behavior that an individual may be drawn to, that are consistent with sound ethics and a commitment to the Good Life. These are: unbridled sluttiness, complete celibacy, and devoted monogamy. As I […]

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Facebook as Relationship Forum

by pervertsinlove on October 17, 2010

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A couple months ago, Dan Savage had a column in which he raved about Sex at Dawn, so of course Lord Perv and I ran out and bought it. Man, it was so entertaining to walk up to the awkward dude behind the counter at the bookstore and ask, “Do you have Sex at Dawn?” […]


Vintage Advice

by pervertsinlove on October 16, 2010

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For a minute, Lady Perv was a Guest Bitch on ask a bitch. I just now realized that that was four years ago. Vintage advice from October 24, 2006! q: i am having a problem accepting my boyfriend’s porn habit and wonder if i am being unreasonable and childish. when we first started going out over a year ago, […]