Oh my god guys, we got a letter! Hi! I’m a poly cis-dude dating two lovely women at the moment. One of them, who for the sake of clarity, I’ll call my secondary, is HSV-1 positive. Of course, she disclosed to me right away before anything ever happened between us. My problem/question is this: My primary partner (who we also […]


IUD Rundown Part II

by Lady Perv on February 16, 2011

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Dear Lady Perv, Are there any issues with the IUD and a solid deep-dicking? I just keep imagining it (a) poking some unfortunate swain or (b) getting dislodged during a particularly vigorous episode of sexing. Eh? Also, with the spotting, for how long? Weeks? Months? Inquiring minds want to know. Love, Redd Dearest Redd, Yeah, […]



by Lady Perv on January 4, 2011

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I find it so interesting that a lot of women have a sense of pride about being able to sufficiently self-lubricate for sex without the help of lube. Likewise, lots of dudes have a sense of pride about being able to get their partners wet enough to get it on. Look, people. Lube is great. […]


Squirting Ladies.

by Sexually Oriented on December 9, 2010

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Today’s Guest Perv is Sexually Oriented! We’re pretty stoked that she’s sharing her squirting knowledge here. Be sure to check out her blog, especially the resources page. I feel like there is a certain air of mystery surrounding female ejaculation.  Some people claim it doesn’t exist.  Some say they’ve always done it.  Some people say […]


Vintage Advice

by pervertsinlove on October 16, 2010

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For a minute, Lady Perv was a Guest Bitch on ask a bitch. I just now realized that that was four years ago. Vintage advice from October 24, 2006! q: i am having a problem accepting my boyfriend’s porn habit and wonder if i am being unreasonable and childish. when we first started going out over a year ago, […]