Lil Swimmers: A mini-post about one man’s sperm

by Lady Perv on December 1, 2013

in Sperm

Sperm MorphologyI was looking at some lab results the other day for a dude who’d had three semen analyses over the course of two months. He was not my patient, but I saw from the notes in his chart that he was being seen by a fertility doctor, and indeed there was some improvement in his results. His sperm count was about the same each time, but the motility (the ability of the sperm to swim) had improved, and the normal morphology (normally shaped sperm) had gone from 1% to 5%. (Anything above 3% is considered normal.) I looked this over and thought, “Hm, I wonder what they actually do for dudes at infertility clinics, because whatever it is seems to be working.”

A few hours later, the patient happened to call to get his results, and I happened to be the person to speak to him. I read him each value, and he said, “Wow, the morphology is a lot better!” I said, “Yeah, I actually saw these results earlier today and was interested in what they’ve been doing for you at the infertility clinic, if you wouldn’t mind sharing with me.”

He told me, “Nothing yet. All I’ve done is start taking a multivitamin and stop drinking diet soda.”


I couldn’t find any studies to back this up, but I also didn’t look very hard. My conclusion despite lack of further research is that diet soda is gross.

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