February 2013

Now that Atavacron has started writing stuff, I’m having performance anxiety about not putting out on here, so I’m back to revisiting some of the posts that I started a couple years ago and never finished. Back in 2011, I had actually started doing some research about the contraceptive options that were in trials for […]


In my last post, I expressed my frustration that there are limited contraceptive options out there for men.  Condoms vs. Vasectomy?  That’s just not a fair set of options to present to guys — regardless of everyone’s dedication to safer sex.  Hey, I’m looking to share the responsibility for avoiding conception here.  Gimme something to […]

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Let’s talk about male contraception.  I am a cisgendered nonmonogamous guy who dates both men and women, but primarily women.  I need a contraceptive option for myself that makes sense both with partners with whom I’m fluid-bonded, as well as partners with whom I am not.  These posts draw together my research on the available […]