Flashback: Lady Perv in Grad School

by Lady Perv on December 26, 2012

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I’ve been looking through my unpublished drafts from a couple years ago, and found this start of a post that I never finished back in December 2010. I think it kind of stands on its own, and articulates my recurring frustrations with attitudes about lady parts:

I was reading over my menopause notes the other day (yes, RIGHT before my final) and they totally ignited my old fury about normal female body processes being seen as disease states. Menopause, pregnancy, your period: they’re all seen as terrible maladies that must be overcome.

OK, some people do have really crappy periods, and The Change can be miserable. But DUDE. The female reproductive system is effing amazing!

Here’s an actual quote from a doctor in the 60s:

At menopause women acquire a vapid, cowlike feeling called a negative state, in which the world appears as through a gray veil, & they live as docile, harmless creatures.

And another one:

Many women are leading an active & productive life when this tragedy strikes.  They are still attractive & mentally alert.  They deeply resent what to them is a catastrophic attack upon their ability to earn a living and enjoy life.

I suspect that if I say that women’s experiences with menopause are somewhat culturally dependent, my mother would destroy me in a hot flash-induced rage.

…and then I trailed off. But I think I was going to say something about how our culture’s negative views on menopause probably exacerbate women’s frustration with the changes our bodies go through, when really we should be holding our awesome lady parts in high esteem no matter how many degrees Fahrenheit we suddenly feel ourselves to be. I bet I stopped writing because I was too enraged about those quotes (which I totally didn’t cite the sources of). Or I got back to studying.

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