November 2010

Marriage Machine

by Lady Perv on November 30, 2010

in Bad Ideas,Relationships

I was riding the subway home from the grocery store today, when I saw this weird ad. It was a couple in bed, the woman looking annoyed, and the man asleep with his mouth agape. The text said, “He may not always be charming, but he’s always your prince.” I was like, “Wha?” So I […]


Money in the Bag

by Lady Perv on November 28, 2010

in Sex Ed

So, this video just totally cracks me up. But it also makes me think about sex ed in schools! And since I have way too much to say about abstinence-only education (SO ANGRY!!), and I really should be studying lady bits for my final on Tuesday, I’m just going to post the video for your […]



by Lady Perv on November 20, 2010

in Nurse Nerd,Sex Ed,The Pill

I’ve been thinking a lot about pros and cons of hormonal contraception lately. OK, not just lately; I have a pretty longstanding relationship with The Pill. I was on various birth control pills for 13 years, and never had a complaint. I was really good at taking the pill at roughly the same time every […]

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Sugar sugar

by Lady Perv on November 12, 2010

in Bad Ideas,Sex Ed,Vaginae

OK. You guys. You know better than to purposely insert sugar into your or anyone else’s vagina, right? Because Atlanta’s Real Housewives somehow missed the memo. I was watching The Soup, and the glorious “Clip of the Week” was a group of grown women discussing how to make one’s vagina taste “delicious.” WHAT? WHYYYY??? OK. […]


Oh boy. Yesterday we had our sexuality lecture in my Comprehensive Women’s Health class. We started with a discussion about how most of us feel pretty comfortable asking questions about our patients’ sex lives, but that we don’t always know what to do with the answers we get. One of my classmates told us that […]


Gross Stuff

by Lady Perv on November 7, 2010

in Nurse Nerd,Sex,Sex Ed,Sex Positive,Vaginae

I had a patient the other day who said the phrase, “I don’t do oral or any of that gross stuff.” It took a lot for me to control my facial expression and not display my blend of horror and confusion. Obviously, it’s fine for people to be grossed out by whatever they’re grossed out […]